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Four militants, including three from Bangladesh, held in Kolkata

India: Based on prior information, the officers arrested two bangladeshi nationals from the vicinity of sealdah railway station..


Persecution drives migration of indigenous Bangladeshis

Bangladesh: Church official says ethnic communities are victims of abuses and discrimination from the state.


Catholic Bangladeshis struggle to protect their homes

Bangladesh: Disputes over land and property is a problem for both religious and ethnic minorities.


Bangladeshis who migrated before 1971 are Indians: court

India: The judgment was based on a petition by over 40 refugees who were originally from bangladesh.


Eviction of Bangladeshis from India could backfire

India: Nationalist leader modi needs to tread very carefully.


Modi threatens to deport Bangladeshis

Bangladesh: "these bangladeshis better be prepared with their bags packed," says modi.


Social organisations demand restriction on entry of Bangladeshis

India: The implementation of the ilp would help protect the tribal population from being "annihilated" in their own..