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176 kids lost their parents in Easter attacks: Cardinal Ranjith

Sri Lanka: Cardinal ranjith also said that the church will not concentrate on the renovation of churches damaged in the blasts as..


Australian Cardinal won't seek reduced sentence

Australia: Pell remains australia's highest-ranking catholic, but the vatican has launched its own investigation into his..


Cardinal Gracias asks Catholics to venerate cross with gratitude

India: The cross of christ is an invitation to us christians, today, to take up our crosses and follow jesus, he said


Every human life is noble, says Korean cardinal

Korea: As lawmakers consider abortion and death penalty, archbishop of seoul stresses church's pro-life doctrine.


3,000 Catholics remember South Korea’s first cardinal

Korea: Cardinal stephen kim sou-hwan helped guide nation through dark era of military dictatorship.


Mindanao Cardinal appeals to doubting Christians

Philippines: Cardinal orlando quevedo of cotabato tells opponents of new muslim autonomous region there's nothing to be scared of.


Manila honors its first Filipino cardinal

Philippines: Cardinal rufino santos’ red galero is raised to cathedral rafters out of respect for post-war reconstruction efforts.