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Refugees in Sri Lanka fear for safety amid violence

Sri Lanka: The refugees and asylum seekers "had hoped to find safety in sri lanka after fleeing the violence of bigoted mobs..


Bangladeshi priest fears for his life over brother's murder case

Bangladesh: Priest warned he may be killed after filing case against former mp over the death of his brother.


Imran fears 'another incident' before Indian elections

Pakistan: Tensions were still high even after the pulwama attack, claimed by the pakistan-based jaish-e-mohammed (jem) terrorist..


War fears spread on India-Pakistan border

India: Anxious residents stockpile food and medicines after major escalation of kashmir conflict.


India's citizenship bill stokes fears of migrant invasion

India: As bill clears first major hurdle, critics blast it as political tool wielded by ruling bjp ahead of election.


Violence feared as Bangladesh election looms

Bangladesh: More candidates from outside the muslim majority are expected to help advance reforms.


Reporters fear for lives ahead of Indonesian elections

Indonesia: Journalists face threats, insults and physical assault by political candidates' teams in run-up to june polls.