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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

23 Nepali girls rescued in Mizoram

India: The victims were rescued by the mizoram police on april 24 from champhi area that shares a border with myanmar.


Calls for reform over India's 'vanishing girls'

India: Social preference for male children has created a worsening situation of gender inequality.


Gender inequality driving deaths of girls under five globally: Study

United Kingdom: Youngsters are more at risk of an early death if they are born in rural areas, live in poor households or have mothers..


Marginalised adolescent girls must have safe access to education

India: As per a unicef report, in india, one in three (34 per cent) adolescent girls (aged 15-19) who are married or in union..


Save our girls: Change comes from below for Rajasthan's women

India: The child-sex ratio in rajasthan as per the 2011 census was one of the lowest in the country -- 888 females per 1,000..


Educating girls best way to reduce India's population spiral

India: Only 21.5 per cent women aged 15-49 had studied for more than 12 years, compared to 29.6 per cent of men.


Miao Diocese provides vocational training for dropout girls

Vatican City: Bishop george pallipparambil ?of miao advised those who completed the training to use the training to make a living for..