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26 injured in Japan earthquake

Japan: A 10 cm tsunami was observed in the city of niigata with smaller ones in other locations including sakata and wajima.


Three killed in Japan mass stabbing

Japan: The female victim and 14 of the injured were students of the caritas elementary school, a private catholic school in..


Disaster is inevitable in Japan, but paralysis is not

Japan: As north korea and the us rattle nuclear sabers, nearby japan faces another situation not amenable to its control.


Endo's error, and our's

Japan: Do we have a true idea of god, or just a distortion?


Churches in Vietnam, Japan to jointly care for migrants

Vietnam: Some 200,000 vietnamese migrant workers live in japan and many of them suffer economic exploitation


For the Church, migrants are a solution, not a problem

Japan: Oversees workers can be evangelizers as well as laborers.


Burden of dementia weighing on more and more Japanese families

Japan: An estimated 4.62 million people in japan suffer from the degenerative disease.