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Abhaya case trial set to begin next week

India: The high court had directed the cbi court to start the trial.


Has evil stopped shocking us?

India: Mob lynchings in india reveal how we're all capable of doing unspeakable things to our other.


Outrage at Naqvi's comments over 'fake' lynchings

India: Christian and muslim leaders say his comment flies in face of the evidence.


Trial finally begins in 27-year-old Abhaya murder case

India: Sr. abhaya, an inmate of the pius x convent in kottayam, was found dead in the well within their compound on march 27,..


Mob lynchings spread to India's tribal heartland

India: Fears grow over religion-based hatred in jharkhand as muslim man dies after being tied to a tree and beaten.


12 killed by lightning in Bihar

India: According to the weather office, lightning strikes are usually reported during the june-september monsoon season.


Four soldiers lost in one day, as key Pulwama attack man killed

India: The fourth one to die was major keran sharma belonging to meerut cant (uttar pradesh) who died on monday in the gunfight..