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Large Hong Kong turnout for Tiananmen massacre commemorations

Hong Kong: Brutal crackdown remembered as hong kongers fear their freedoms are being chipped away by beijing.


Jailed Reuters journalists freed in Myanmar

Myanmar: Wa lone and kyaw soe oo, their lawyers, and the news agency have all maintained that the pair never committed any crime.


Striving for peace in battle-weary Mindanao

Philippines: Despite headway in dialogue between govt and separatists, the lasting peace desired by prelates is not quite within..


Mindanao tribe marks 2015 massacre of leaders

Philippines: Indigeneous groups expect 'itensified attacks' as philippine govt ups pursuit of mining revenue in disputed lands.


Rights group accuses Myanmar army of village massacre

Myanmar: Witnesses claim dozens of rohingya men, boys stabbed and shot in village of maung nu soon after latest violence began


Justice eludes victims of 1987 Manila massacre

Philippines: Families pray new administration will stick by poor by granting land, punish those behind protest killings.


Bishop decries delay in resolving 2009 massacre

Philippines: Not a single suspect has been convicted in maguindanao slayings that left 54 people, including 32 journalists dead.