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Kashmiri Pandits throng Kheer Bhawani, pray for peace

India: Kashmiri pandits believe that the colour of the holy spring at the temple foretells the events of the next 12 months.


Shivratri revives bond between Kashmiri Pandits & Muslims

India: Since the outbreak of insurgency in kashmir over 30 years ago, there has hardly been a year when bhat and daftari..


Kashmiri Hindus yearn for home

India: But government's proposed resettlement plan could create conflict, critics say.


Shiv Sena demands 'ghar wapsi' of Kashmiri Pandits

India: Kashmiri pundits were forced to flee their home-state over 25 years ago.


No separate townships for migrant Pandits, says Sayeed

India: He said, there is no proposal for any separate homeland for kashmiri pandits.


Kashmiri Pandits commemorate 25 years of exile

India: It was on this day in 1990 that a forced exodus of kashmiri pandits began.


Adopt Kashmiri Pandits' rehab resolution: Rajnath

India: The minister said a new package for kashmiri pandits' return and rehabilitation was being worked out and the central..