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Indonesian activists fear for Catholic academic's safety

Indonesia: Lecturer robertus robet in hot water over song and speech criticizing indonesian military.


Refugees in Sri Lanka fear for safety amid violence

Sri Lanka: The refugees and asylum seekers "had hoped to find safety in sri lanka after fleeing the violence of bigoted mobs..


Eid road deaths spark safety calls in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: Activists blame poor driving, lack of law enforcement for high accident rates.


National food safety scheme will cover 95 percent of J&K

India: Sayeed said the budget session of the state's bicameral legislature would, for the first time, begin on january 18 next..


Blaze leaves 72 dead, raises concern over workplace safety in Philippines

Philippines: Survivors say factory never held fire drills, barred windows responsible for high number of fatalities.


UST Global launches app on women's safety

India: Once isafe sends an alert to the control room, its position can be tracked until the situation is resolved.


Delhi Police launch Himmat WhatsApp, Hike for women's safety

India: This app is available for android mobile phone users to provide immediate police assistance to women in the event of any..