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New Zealand troops to withdraw from Iraq by 2020

New Zealand: Ardern also announced that the country's deployment to afghanistan would remain to support training of afghan army..


Nuns give Eid al-Fitr meals to police, troops in Jakarta

Indonesia: Say gesture is an act of solidarity with those guarding buildings in wake of riots in indonesian capital.


US pulls troops out of Libya amid violence

United States: Libyan prime minister fayez al-serraj accused gen. haftar of attempting a coup and said rebels will be met with force.


Almost 50 Myanmar troops killed fighting Kokang rebels

Myanmar: A 200-strong force attacked a govt base in kongyan on thursday, said state media.


Missionaries of Charity nuns continue works in Gaza

India: The nuns live in the latin convent in zeiturn, gaza city and their superior said that they are “not going anywhere”..


Pakistan troops again open fire across LOC in Jammu

India: The pakistani troops resorted to such firing at indian positions in the same sector april 25.


Pakistan troops kill 5 Indian soldiers

India: Delhi claims military outpost attacked in disputed kashmir region.