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New Vietnam diocese brings fresh hope to troubled area

Vietnam: Cathedral ceremony sees bishop hop installed as first bishop of ha tinh diocese.


Catholic dissident jailed for defacing Vietnam flags

Vietnam: Outspoken blogger can serve 33-month prison term after her unborn baby reaches three years of age.


Benedictines resist unwelcome temple construction in Vietnam

Vietnam: Superior at thien an monastery demands local government withdraw what he says are builder’s false ownership papers


Jailed ailing Vietnam pastor deprived of care

Vietnam: Government critics say refusal to allow medical treatment is 'revenge' for his rights activism.


Jailed Vietnamese rights advocate ends hunger strike

Vietnam: Supporters say tran huynh duy thuc should be freed after already serving nine years in prison.


Church rushes aid to northern Vietnam flood victims

Vietnam: Caritas struggles to gain access to those in need after some of the worst flooding to hit the region in decades.


Catholics demand justice for jailed Vietnam activist

Vietnam: Petition describes woman who helped victims of marine disaster as 'a good citizen who sacrifices herself for the poor'.