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High-decibel campaigning for Delhi polls ends

India: According to the election commission guidelines, the deadline for campaigning in the national capital was 6 p.m.


Aam Aadmi Party makes dream debut, Bhartiya Janata Party wins

India: The congress, which governed delhi since 1998 with dikshit at its helm, was stunned.


Over 1,500 sex workers set to vote in Delhi elections

India: 2008 assembly election saw over 80 percent sex workers cast their votes.


Women voters to play key role in Mizoram polls

India: In the last assembly polls in 2008, women voters outnumbered men voters by 6,644.


EC reschedules poll dates for Mizoram

India: The assembly polls will now be held on nov. 25.


Presbyterians want to change Mizoram polling date

India: The polls in the state are slated to be held on dec. 4 and counting on dec. 8.


BJP suffers heavy defeat in Karnataka polls

India: Anti-christian policies a factor in the loss.