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Pope Francis prays for monsoon victims in India

Vatican City: According to govt. reports, 152 people are confirmed dead and another 17 missing in india after days of heavy rains.


7 killed, 24 missing in Maharashtra dam burst

India: Maharashtra water resources minister girish mahajan has announced a probe into the incident.


3 killed, 24 missing in Maharashtra dam burst

India: The incident happened around 9.30 p.m.


Deficit rain, heat wave hit normal life in northeast

India: According to imd officials, since june 1, 40 per cent less rain has been recorded in seven n-e states, excluding sikkim.


Black Madonna posters with rainbow halos spell trouble

Poland: The poster has drawn fierce opposition across poland, where the depiction of the virgin mary and jesus is iconic and..


Heat wave, deficit rain affect normal life in NE

India: The deficit in rainfall also resulted in water scarcity, including supply of drinking water.


39 killed as rain wreaks havoc across Pakistan

Pakistan: Authorities warned of more widespread dust-thunderstorms and rain accompanied by gusty winds in certain areas of..