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Indian poverty linked to religion and caste

India: New report highlights how minorities do the most stigmatized and lowly paid work in hindu-majority india


BJP for co-existence of religions: new Anglo-Indian MP

India: Anglo-indian people have become one-track minded and are only taking religious sentiments into consideration


New chapter for minority religions in Pakistan

Pakistan: Islamabad university praised for including religions other than islam in human rights textbook.


UN's position on women's equal rights applies to all religions: Official

United States: Demonstrations have been held across kerala both in support of women entering the temple as well against it.


China's internet rules 'will strangle religion'

China: Wide-ranging draft measures will make it difficult for churches and individuals to publish information.


Finding spiritual common ground between India's religions

India: Religious leaders can promote interfaith dialogue. they can bring together followers of different persuasions for..


Korean deacons embrace other religions with pilgrimage

Korea: Imam from nation's largest mosque hails visit as key step toward greater understanding and peace.