Indian Catholic News

Catholics concerned over polarization ahead of elections

India: The all india catholic union also endorsed the catholic bishops’ pastoral letter on the general elections.


Lay Catholics express solidarity with Delhi Archbishop

India: The persecution of christians is at its height, in almost every state with tamil nadu, now in a total anarchy, the..


Catholic Union seeks action against hate mongers

India: Since 2015, several people across india have fallen victim to incidents of mob lynching related to religious..


Children from Kerala parish write to PM for kidnapped priest

India: The children aged between four and five were helped by parents and priests in writing the letters.


Catholic Union urges Modi to secure kidnapped priest's release

India: The all india catholic union last week wrote expressing distress over the delay in getting father tom released.


NDA govt is anti-minority: Catholic Union

India: Union president told reporters that the demonetisation has been done without planning, bringing hardship to the poor.


Catholic union wants hierarchy to follow pope

India: Pope’s ways have have greatly enthused the faithful in india, the aicu said.