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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Jamiat hails SC move to finish Ayodhya case hearing by Oct 18

India: The supreme court on wednesday said all parties should make an effort to conclude the case by october 18.


SC quizzes Muslim parties on figurines in mosque

India: Hindu parties claimed that the mosque was built on a hindu temple, and the remains of the temple was used for the..


Ayodhya mediation panel moves SC for resumption of talks

India: The three-member ayodhya panel headed by former supreme court judge f.m.i. kalifulla.


CJI to decide on live-streaming of Ayodhya case hearing

India: According to the petition, despite around a year having gone by, the implementation of the top court ruling was yet to..


Does Muslim stand mean granting part of land temple: SC

India: The akhara claims to be the shebait of lord ram in the ayodhya title dispute, to manage the deity's daily affairs.


Ayodhya case: SC to hear contempt plea of Muslim parties' lawyer

India: Senior advocate kapil sibal moved the application before the court and the cji agreed to list the matter.


'Mosque built on temple ruins not valid under Shariat'

India: On december 6, 1992, the babri masjid structure was demolished.