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BJP wants EC to probe speech by Goa priest

India: The bjp says father conceicao d'silva accused it of harassing minorities and urged his parishioners to vote against the..


Over 14 crore voters in first phase of LS polls

India: The first phase is third biggest in terms of number of lok sabha seats among the seven phases in which the election will..


BJP firm on Citizenship Bill, AASU vows to oppose move

India: On april 3, congress president rahul gandhi said that his party would ensure that citizenship amendment bill is never..


SC rejects Muthalik's plea over Goa entry ban

India: The goa government had banned the entry of muthalik in 2014 and the orders prohibiting his entry were extended every 60..


India's secular nature 'will die forever' if BJP wins poll

India: Religious tolerance may be washed away by a tidal wave of hate if modi's party cements grip on power in april election.


Congress attacks BJP over lynching accused at Yogi rally

India: Akhlaq was lynched shortly after the loudspeaker in the village temple was used to announce that the 50-year old muslim..


BJP looks for Christian votes in Kerala

India: According to bjp kottayam district president n hari, the changing political scenario has increased the chances of the..