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Indian priest, five nuns accused of defaming dismissed nun

India: Kerala nun who joined protest against rape-accused bishop complains to police of harassment via social media.


Police file case against Kerala convent for locking up nun

India: Sister lucy kalapura had been in at loggerheads with her superiors for over a decade.


Expelled Kerala nun moves Vatican

India: Sister lucy said that as she had filed an appeal, she would continue to stay at the convent and look for legal recourse.


Congregation sacks nun who disobeyed authorities

India: Sister kalapurakkal had last year supported the nuns' strike in the state demanding the arrest of rape-accused bishop.


Nun alleges evidence tampering in rape case involving bishop

India: Bishop mulukkal was arrested sept. 21, 2018 amid protests calling for a police investigation of the allegation.


Bishops' protest fails to change cartoon award

India: Kerala fine arts academy stands by bishop caricature despite claims it insults christian symbols


Church protests Indian cartoon award

India: Fine arts academy agrees to review decision because of a complaint that it demeans the christian cross.