Indian Catholic News

Philippine Catholic school honors female journalists

Philippines: Hildegarde awards recognize women who have worked for the welfare of the youth.


Catholic 'school' a game-changer for Pakistani men

Pakistan: Four-year program paves way for well-paid careers while strengthening christianity's future in divided islamic republic...


Catholic schools dread Bangladesh's education policy

Bangladesh: Legal enforcement could see some shuttered due to financial strain while threat of state meddling grows.


Catholic schools to teach India's secular constitution

India: Indian bishops aim to develop a generation who appreciate equality for all.


Indonesian govt hands Catholic schools mentoring role

Indonesia: Two top universities called on to boost education quality at struggling institutions.


Catholic schools in India's Manipur targeted by insurgents

India: Local govt vows to beef up security if needed, threats seen as extortion.


Manipur Catholic schools shut down after threats from insurgents

India: The principals of some schools declined to disclose the demands of the insurgents, but said the schools and colleges..