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Manila's 'war on tribal schools' shatters childhood dreams

Philippines: Closure of 55 schools for teaching 'subversive ideologies' is victimizing children, activists say.


How to respond to child sexual abuse

Philippines: Society must learn that such crimes should never be tolerated or brushed under the carpet.


RS passes Bill including death penalty for child abuse

India: As per official data, about 12,609 rape cases were registered under the posco this year.


Child's rape causes crisis of conscience in Myanmar

Myanmar: Outrage at attack on toddler prompts society to finally acknowledge rise in horrific crimes.


Duterte passes sexual harassment law

Philippines: Philippine bishops want duterte punished under new law banning misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic or sexist slurs.


Church opposes execution of India's child sex offenders

India: Life is 'a gift from god' and should be protected, says bishop as death sentence is introduced for most heinous crimes.


Scourge of child rape spreads alarm in Bangladesh

Bangladesh: The brutal killing of a 7-year-old has stirred societal debate about a lack of respect for women and girls.