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Local Chinese Catholics welcome WYD pilgrims in Panama

Panama: Immigrants discuss over dim sum the challenges they face in evangelizing young people in central american nation.


Even torture could not silence Chinese Catholics

China: Humiliation and jail were common for the faithful during the cultural revolution.


Xi Jinping 'dictatorship' worries Chinese Catholics

China: Move to introduce one-man rule stirs up fears that the president will follow mao zedong's anti-religion dogma.


Chinese Catholics will not gain freedom from a Vatican-China deal

China: Beijing's increasing grip on hong kong shows that deals made with the chinese communist party are hollow.


Chinese Catholics look to beloved cardinal to be beatified

Belgium: Cardinal celso costantini called on church members to absorb chinese culture into catholicism.


Pope Benedict's letter to Chinese Catholics revisited in Hong Kong

China: Discussion comes at a time of differing opinions on vatican-beijing relations.


Chinese Catholics in Italy to pray for China church

China: Special mass to be held in napoli for the world prayer day for the church in china.