Indian Catholic News

January records more attacks against Christians

India: At least 26 women and 25 children have been injured in these incidents but no reactions have come from the political..


A new year, a new Pakistan

Pakistan: July election marks a new era, and church leaders must step up to defend our rights.


Arrested Christians get bail in northern India

India: Mob burst into house in uttar pradesh and accused prayer group of using words offensive to hindu gods.


More Christians attacked in poll-bound states: NGO

India: The catholic secular forum said crimes include murder, rape, and attacks on churches.


Three Christians seriously hurt in mob attack

India: Hindu militants are targeting poor christians on a regular basis, says activist.


Jharkhand Lutheran pastor found murdered

India: Murder of lutheran minister abraham soreng is seen as the latest anti-christian act in india.


Christians attacked in Myanmar's anti-drug campaign

Myanmar: Almost every family has drug users in kachin state and face a lot of social problems, says lawmaker.