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Dalit Christians mark 'black day' with protest

India: Leaders call for an end to 69 years of injustice without social benefits.


'Dangerous Korean cult' threatens Mizoram Christians

India: Shincheonji, created in the 1980s, is primarily practised in south korea.


Christians in Kashmir fear anti-conversion legislation

India: Christians in india face thousands of attacks taking place every year.


Indonesian Christians cry foul after church permit pulled

Indonesia: Protestant group says building permit legal, accuses local authorities of caving in to pressure from muslims.


Education policy: Church wants to be consulted

India: Bishops say proposed national education policy takes no account of the 30,000 educational institutions run by the..


India's ruling BJP reaches out to Christians in Mizoram

India: Pro-hindu party launches missionary cell but one bishop is not yet convinced of its authenticity.


Agra Christians to go for 'one family, one grave' practice

India: This decision has been taken in view of the shortage of land for cemeteries at a recent meeting of the ajcc.