Indian Catholic News

Church agency aids Indonesian drought victims

Indonesia: Caritas is providing urgent water supplies and identifying underground sources such as springs and bores.


German church agency backs Philippines' family ministry

Philippines: Missio aachen vows to demonstrate commitment to an 'outlook on the future' for filipino families.


Church agency initiates clean water program in Delhi slum

India: Arcdiocese installs purifier as year of mercy initiative to help boost the health of local residents.


Church agency builds homes for flood victims

India: The houses are for the flood-hit dalit people in the remote villages.


Church agency evaluates 10 years of Tsunami relief

India: A study conducted to mark the anniversary focused on what people actually feel and say about the relief work of caritas..


Caritas resolves to change attitude

India: The heads of the member organizations will be called animators, not directors anymore.


Church agency creates awareness for child protection

India: Sensitization and internalization is crucial in this aspect.