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Asian church's turn in the abuse spotlight is here

The pope must do more — not only vis-a-vis the chilean bishops — but as pastor of the whole church.


In Myanmar displaced Kayin lose hope of heading home

Jun 20, 2018

Myanmar: Threat of land mines and..

China puts restrictions on bishop's funeral

Jun 20, 2018

China: Photographs banned and..

Yoga one of most powerful unifying forces: Modi

Jun 21, 2018

India: The prime minister said that..

Terror groups will be flushed out of J&K: Rajnath

Jun 20, 2018

India: He added that restoration of peace in the..

Red Army clergy lose war of minds in China

Are uniform-wearing clerics ready to sacrifice themselves for the lord or do they want to succumb to the devil?


Letter from Rome

The eternal city is broken, so who can fix it?


Protecting children in the church

The protection of children and youth against sexual violence remains a central problem both the church and society.


Digital media as a democratizing space in the Mekong region

For the vast majority who endured decades of isolation, the advent of the internet was manna from heaven — but not for..


Bangladesh wake-up call on sexual abuse for Asia's bishops

The case of father walter rozario bears all the hallmarks of denial, cover-up and silencing victims seen in the west.


Former Bangladesh nun: Anti-sex abuse crusader

Abuse is covered up not just by the church, but also by local christian society, rights activist rosaline costa says.


Letter from Rome

The credibility of pope francis' 'privy council' has been threatened by certain members.