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Tagle steps up to unite church in anti-Duterte march

Church leaders denounce duterte's federalist constitution as anti-poor and anti-democratic.


A blue fairy, a forgotten martyr and a weeping family

Feb 23, 2018

Bangladesh: Bangladesh family of slain..

Government failures characterize human rights situation in Asia

Feb 23, 2018

Philippines: Amnesty international report..

Catholic Religious pledge to protect secularism

Feb 23, 2018

India: More than 60 men and women..

Kerala tribal youth beaten to death by lynch mob

Feb 23, 2018

India: The turn of event on thursday has elicited..

The Holy See, China, and the question of sovereignty

Sino-vatican dialogue should not be used by hong kong people to serve their own needs.


Women can make a real difference in Sri Lanka

Quotas for female election candidates are a good thing but we must make sure the right people are standing for office.


Remembering Pakistan's mother of minorities

Even after her death, asma jahangir managed to shake up a patriarchal society where women are meant to know their place...


The journey toward a new way of being church continues

It's time for the religious to pick up the cudgel for missionary dynamism.


Cardinal Zen is just wrong

Moralize all you like, but he offers the church in china no path forward.


Letter from Rome

Pope francis reveals his near weekly meetings with sex abuse victims.


Chinese Catholics will not gain freedom from a Vatican-China deal

Beijing's increasing grip on hong kong shows that deals made with the chinese communist party are hollow.