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Sri Lankan Catholics need to follow pope's call on death penalty

Pope francis has taken a consistently principled position that human life is sacred.


Age no barrier for Indonesian Jesuit charity runner

Aug 19, 2018

Indonesia: At 74, father ignatius..

Vietnam court jails Catholic activist for 20 years

Aug 19, 2018

Vietnam: Priests hold special mass for..

Indian bishops appeal to help flood-affected in Kerala

Aug 19, 2018

India: The monsoon season since june..

Rains lash Kerala, water rising in Idukki dam

Jul 31, 2018

India: All schools and colleges were closed in the..

Our commitment is stronger in critical times

Despite the killings and abuses in the philippines, justice, respect and truth will prevail over those who espouse evil...


Letter from Rome

Pope seeks to bring the church and its members back to the gospel basics of what it means to be a follower of christ.


Shifting the goalposts in India's quota system

Equal opportunity has been jettisoned in favor of proportionate strength for groups seeking benefits.


Trying times for Philippine church, government

Country's bishops should not be afraid of standing up to duterte and speaking out for what is right.


The killing of human rights defenders

Those in the philippines pulling the strings are darker figures than those pulling the trigger.


Beware Nepal's fake news

Nation lacks effective mechanism to monitor and curb false reports that are increasingly targeting christian ngos,..


Living inside a Chinese 'crevice' stunts religious growth

Uneasy truce between church and state challenges the integrity of chinese catholics, but what choice do they have?