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Working dangerously in the Lord's vineyard

Priests, nuns, religious and lay people who help the poor in the philippines have always become targets of persecution.


The Australian nun who makes Duterte's blood boil

Apr 20, 2018

Philippines: Sister patricia fox says she..

Church crackdown intensifies in China's Henan province

Apr 20, 2018

China: Sources say provincial party..

Nagpur Archbishop dies in sleep

Apr 19, 2018

India: He was in new delhi for the..

President in J&K, condemns Kathua rape

Apr 18, 2018

India: "it is our duty to ensure that such a thing..

China's religious freedom white paper is doublespeak

While much of its aim is to appease the vatican, most of the paper is a triumph of theory over fact.


Killing our planet, our home, slowly

Earth day is coming and we have to focus on what plastic is doing to our environment — and us.


Stage is set for another clash of the Indonesian Titans

Should indonesians be concerned about a military figure coming to power?


Human trafficking in Manila: The resurrection of Jessica

The love of christ can save even a 'lost child' corrupted by traffickers and abused as a play thing by foreign sex..


Letter from Rome

Pope's letter of apology helps resolve church crisis in chile.


More Indian or more Christian?

Church leaders risk playing into the hands of hindu nationalists and should not compromise on their calling.


I am Malala: Fake news muddies heroic teen's return

Anti-taliban crusading teenage girl shot in head by terrorist group now fighting doubts as she makes emotional..