Indian Catholic News

Protesters bang drum for Christian Dalits' rights

India: March through indian capital aims to 'wake up' government to group's lack of social benefits.


Indian parliamentarians pledge support for Dalit cause

India: Cross-party alliance aims to end discrimination against socially poor christians and muslims.


Two Kerala cops in custody in 'honour killing' case

India: Police arrested the woman's father chacko john and her brother shanu chacko -- the alleged masterminds of the crime --..


'Honor' killing in Catholic family shocks Kerala

India: Dalit man found dead in a stream only five days after marrying a woman from an affluent christian family in kerala.


Report on dalit discrimination in Sivaganga

India: The report titled ‘dalit christians crucified’ was compiled by the tamil nadu untouchability eradication front.


Indian law protecting Dalit people 'now toothless'

India: Church leaders claim the supreme court's new guidelines deprive the poor of important benefits and protections.


Dalit Christians take out march for quota in Kerala

India: It also demanded 10% reservation for students of the community in higher education.