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SC orders to secure NRC data on lines of Aadhaar data

India: The court said that there will be no re-verification of the data under nrc and at no point in time the nrc exercise will..


TikTok refutes Tharoor's claim on sharing data with China

India: Tharoor said there were reports that the chinese government received data from tiktok through the wholly state-owned..


Filipino bishop wants probe into 'passport data loss'

Philippines: Outcry erupts after govt announces possible personal data breach affecting all country's passport holders.


Latin Catholics ask government to study issues

India: The socio-economic and caste census made shocking revelations and the data required to be studied in depth.


Kerala to set up diaspora data bank

India: The budget proposals have allocated rs.6 million for advertisements in the print and electronic media here to create..


NSA scoops data from Yahoo, Google data centres: Report

United States: A yahoo spokeswoman told the daily that the company has not given access to its data centers to the nsa or to any other..


135,000 committed suicide in 2011

India: Poverty was responsible for 1.7 per cent people taking the extreme step.