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Displaced tribal people of Mindanao trek back home

Philippines: Philippine authorities charge leaders who allegedly instigated people to flee.


Mindanao tribe holds protest wake outside govt office

Philippines: Philippine protesters seek reopening of 33 schools by placing dead tribal leader's coffin outside regional education..


Displaced people fall sick in Mindanao evacuation center

Philippines: Philippine authorities are in a quandary over whether to declare the situation a disaster.


Soldiers block food reaching displaced tribals in Mindanao

Philippines: Aid agencies, press also barred from having access to those taking shelter from philippine military.


Displaced Mindanao tribe faces acute water shortage

Philippines: More than 1,500 people crammed into gymnasium after fleeing philippine military fear sanitation-related diseases.


Movie on displaced tribal people named 'Best Film'

Philippines: Story on plight of philippines' indigenous people a hit at mindanao festival.


Indian villagers still stranded a decade after Maoist clashes

India: Tribals victimized by rebel land poachers and government apathy.