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Women in the time of Duterte

Philippines: Philippine president's strategy to employ a gender-based assault dehumanizes females.


Tagle steps up to unite church in anti-Duterte march

Philippines: Church leaders denounce duterte's federalist constitution as anti-poor and anti-democratic.


Populist talk masks Duterte's anti-poor policies

Philippines: Simmering anger in the phlippines cannot be diverted by antics and theatrics.


Philippines' Duterte eyes federalist track to one-man rule

Philippines: Activists label proposed changes to the constitution as 'a recipe for civil war' as strongman digs his heels.


Duterte official's award puts university on defensive

Philippines: Recognition of controversial figure margaux 'mocha' uson is an alumni affair, university of santo tomas says.


Duterte declares Christmas truce with communist rebels

Philippines: Church leaders welcome suspension of military action and urge insurgents to also announce a ceasefire.


Duterte open to law change allowing same-sex civil unions

Philippines: Philippine president makes u-turn on previous stance at lgbt gathering, churches criticize comments.