Government asked to establish universities for Christians

India: Plan by national commission for minorities draws mixed response amid claims it could increase divisions.


Fake education board busted in Delhi, six arrested

India: The police have also recovered fake mark sheets and rubber stamps among other articles from its premises.


Christians concerned over future of education

India: A colloquium was held to commemorate 80 years of the salesian college in sonada.


Congress flays NDA government on SCs/STs education funding, scholarships

India: The centre has also slashed funding for research centres across the country that pursue research on dalits.


Education key to curb child marriage: CRY

India: According to the recent national family health survey 39.1 per cent of women within the age group of 20-24 years were..


Faced with discrimination, Rohingya struggle for an education

Myanmar: Aung san suu kyi says there is no discrimination when it comes to schools in rakhine, but reality indicates otherwise


Church officials see strategy in attacking Christian schools

India: The attacks are designed to undermine credibility of the church