Indian Catholic News

What's in a name

Philippines: A person's name is the expression of their parents' hopes and dreams that they have for their child.


Article in bad faith: The plight of Sri Lanka's minorities

Sri Lanka: More open-minded stance exhibited by pope francis is not supported by the island nation's faithful.


Indonesia prepares for Extraordinary Missionary Month

Indonesia: Church holds four-day national congress to foster missionary spirit and come up with plans to help needy.


Women in the Church: What has been is not what need be

India: Gospel's spread is hampered by the perception of the irrelevance and injustice of the church's relationship with women.


UN envoy meets Myanmar interfaith leaders

Myanmar: Educational opportunities and protecting human rights of internally displaced people high on the agenda.


Jesuit artists' work in China lights up US

India: American museums showcase the works of 18th century missionaries who worked for the imperial court.


Tragedy fails to shake Filipino faith, religious tradition

Philippines: Holy cross feast celebration in bocaue now has added purpose following tragedy more than 20 years ago that killed 200..