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Pakistani Catholics hiding in Bangkok's shadows

After fleeing religious persecution in pakistan, a young couple are finding it impossible to live normal lives in..


Act on clergy abuse cases or face a Tsunami

Jul 18, 2018

India: Threat of backlash maintains..

Report claims Myanmar military planned Rohingya genocide

Jul 19, 2018

Myanmar: Mass killings, rape and arson..

All Missionaries of Charity homes to be inspected

Jul 19, 2018

India: Ministry's order follows..

Priest from Punjab arrested in Delhi after rape complaint

Jul 19, 2018

India: Singh is the pastor of a church in punjab's..

The Indonesian nun treating cancer sufferers

Sister antonia batseran believes in a traditional cure made from plants.


Sri Lanka auteur irks church with film about killer priest

Famous director was friends with anglican priest but is now on crusade to expose sexual abuse within all religions.


Opposition parties accused of legitimising sham Cambodian election

One boycott opponent wants to present alternative policies and soften the nation's violent political culture.


Parties play religious cards as Pakistan poll looms

Islamist groups threaten to deepen social divisions and further discriminate against minorities, women.


Bangladeshi tanneries continue to pollute

Secrecy still surrounds foreign apparel company buyers of us$1 billion worth of leather annually.


Priests in Sri Lanka relaunch pro-democracy magazine

'social justice' aims to raise awareness of burning issues as tsunami of religious violence washes over island.


Philippines targets children in war on drugs

Church leaders have expressed concern over proposal to conduct mandatory drug testing on school students.