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Catholic village gets electricity as Myanmar waits

Efforts to link millions to national grid move slowly, but access to power is changing lives in kayah state.


Papuans want justice, not infrastructure

Dec 17, 2017

Indonesia: Separatists renew independence..

Rohingya death toll 'could have climbed past 13,000'

Dec 17, 2017

Myanmar: Msf report indicates high rate..

Hindu activists in India beat eight priests, torch car

Dec 17, 2017

India: Violence erupted after..

Kerala law student's murderer sentenced to death

Dec 14, 2017

India: The 27-year-old woman was found murdered in her..

Australian Jesuit opening minds to Muslim world

Since the 1960s, father paul jackson has searched for ways to connect christians with other religions.


Philippines: Confession of a vigilante killer

'we killed him, we took him out of his house and shot him. we made it look like he fired a gun at us.'.


Rahul Gandhi challenged over his mother's Catholicism

Political trouble-makers have suggested he is not a hindu, which could damage his standing with poorly educated voters.


A personal pilgrimage to pray with Pope Francis

Internally displaced kachin woman traveled 1,200 kilometers to attend papal mass.


What Rohingya rape victims told the pope

Many harrowing tales of sexual attacks, murder and pillage by myanmar military are emerging from rakhine state.


Combatting child marriages in Nepal

Caritas nepal creates youth entrepreneurs as well as helps to keep children in school.


Black flags, burning incense mark sea tragedy

A catholic fishing community in southern india has been devastated by a cyclone which they say claimed at least 50..