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Catholic workers in Bangladesh labor over Lent

Migrant workers find juggling factory jobs and religious practice a nearly impossible feat, but help is at hand.


Death and bounties in the time of Duterte

Mar 16, 2018

Philippines: 'wanted' posters targeting..

Views differ in Hong Kong about church's future in China

Mar 16, 2018

China: Vatican deal could push aside..

Newly ordained bishops reflect on Church’s commitment to society

Mar 17, 2018

India: The bishops are at a seminar..

Ayodhya parties free to settle dispute, says SC as it begins deciding title suit

Mar 14, 2018

India: The next hearing is on march 23.

Catholic women's group calls to legalize abortion in Sri Lanka

Church demands govt dismiss bill to de-outlaw terminations in cases of rape, fetal impairment that threaten women's..


Pakistan's Christians get help to avoid blasphemy trap

Catholic-run social media department offers advice and training in how to avoid falling foul of the country's tough..


Abandoned Indonesian mothers toil to support families

As husbands leave to find work but never return, women are left to bring up children with limited money and support.


Pakistani mother prays for release of 'blasphemer' son

Five years after the joseph colony riot in lahore, the area is struggling to find peace or improve living conditions.


Five years in, Pope Francis delivers on promise of Asia focus

The pope has visited five asian countries and pushed strongly for a deal with beijing on the appointment of bishops.


The pioneering prelate of Timor-Leste

Taking over a diocese can be a daunting task, but bishop basilio do nascimento of baucau had to start from scratch.


Pilgrims find prayers answered at Bangladesh shrine

Our lady of lourdes sanctum a testament to centuries of devotion by foreign missionaries.