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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Filipino Catholics unfazed by terror threats on churches

Philippines: Muslims show support by staging protest outside catholic shrine in manaoag to condemn terrorism.


Bishops warn against scams targeting Filipino Catholics

Philippines: Con artists using church and clergy in online messages to dupe people into parting with their precious cash.


Filipino Catholics name 2019 as 'Year of the Youth'

Philippines: Special year will be the seventh in a series of nine annual celebrations to mark 500 years of christianity in country.


Filipino Catholics need to show solidarity with tribals

Philippines: Separating the struggles of indigenous people from the problems of those in cities has left many not caring.


Young Filipino Catholics offer time to teach poor children to read

Philippines: Cornerstone is a tutoring program organized by couples for christ, a catholic movement that aims to strengthen christian..


Filipino Catholics protest ahead of revolution anniversary

Philippines: Police remove hunger striking priests, nuns from 1986 'people power' memorial.


Duterte 'the destroyer' invents a new class of cronies

Philippines: Philippine president is cozying up to major international players who care little about abuses of human rights.