Duterte 'the destroyer' invents a new class of cronies

Philippines: Philippine president is cozying up to major international players who care little about abuses of human rights.


Duterte holds out olive branch to Filipino Catholics

Philippines: President says he wants good rapport with church leaders despite war of words over deadly war on drugs.


Young Filipino Catholics vow to keep faith 'relentless'

Philippines: Stadium event in manila seeks to enourage young people to take a more active role in church.


Filipino Catholics in 'show of force' against death penalty

Philippines: Church leaders, activists up pressure on senate to vote against capital punishment.


Filipino Catholics told to look for Christ among the poor

Philippines: Philippines kicks off holy week with palm sunday observances.


To a boy who lost a father to the drug war

Philippines: Resorting to violence is not the path away from desolation and despair.


Appeals for peace amid Duterte's call for 'all-out war'

Philippines: Calls grow for talks between govt and communist rebels to continue.