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Priest dies at ordination of youngest Filipino bishop

Philippines: Father albert trazo suffers heart attack as jose rapadas of iligan diocese joins philippines' college of bishops.


Filipino bishop thankful for Muslim solidarity

Philippines: Muslim residents of the city of baguio offer to guard christian churches against terrorist threats.


Pope backs Filipino bishop who received death threats

Philippines: Pontiff assures bishop pablo virgilio david of kalookan of his support and prayers.


2 Filipino bishops pass away on same day

Philippines: Both prelates had served as head of the national secretariat for social action of the catholic bishops' conference.


Filipino bishop wants probe into 'passport data loss'

Philippines: Outcry erupts after govt announces possible personal data breach affecting all country's passport holders.


Pope Francis names late Filipino bishop 'venerable'

Philippines: The vatican would have to recognize a miracle attributed to the late bishop’s intercession before he can be beatified...


Filipino bishop, first prelate of Mongolia, dies

Philippines: Tributes paid to bishop wenceslao padilla who died in ulaanbaatar from a heart attack.