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Goa gets tough on immigrants taking up Portuguese surnames

India: Violators of name-change law can be punished with three years in jail.


Goa to conduct structural audit of protected monuments

India: All religious committees are given instructions to take care of structures and antiquities from all possible mishap..


Tiger population growth 'good sign' for meeting UN goals

United States: On monday, prime minister narendra modi announced that the nation's tiger population had reached 2,967.


Goa Church opposes garbage plant near UNESCO-listed churches

India: The press statement said that the plant's site identified by the state government was also in close proximity to other..


Has evil stopped shocking us?

India: Mob lynchings in india reveal how we're all capable of doing unspeakable things to our other.


Garbage plant near Goa Church complex: Opposition grills BJP government

India: Goa has been battling the issue of garbage strewn in public areas, including its beaches, due to the paucity of garbage..


No survey to ascertain job losses due to mining ban: Goa CM

India: Sawant also said that the "state government is exploring all the possible alternative to resume mining".