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Don't vote for communal candidates: Goa Archbishop

India: Archbishop ferrao is the religious and spiritual leader of more than a quarter of the state's 1.5 million population..


Goa Church expresses regret over priest's 'hate speech'

India: The state's chief electoral officer has already ordered a probe, after the goa bjp filed a complaint saying the sermon..


BJP wants EC to probe speech by Goa priest

India: The bjp says father conceicao d'silva accused it of harassing minorities and urged his parishioners to vote against the..


Exempt religious events from pollution norms, EC urged

India: "there is apprehension that religious activities during the ongoing lenten season and easter vigil services will..


AAP brushes aside Goa Church displeasure reports

India: Goa's lok sabha elections and assembly by-elections are scheduled for april 23.


SC rejects Muthalik's plea over Goa entry ban

India: The goa government had banned the entry of muthalik in 2014 and the orders prohibiting his entry were extended every 60..


AAP promises to explore dual citizenship for Goans

India: The state will go to polls on april 23.