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Ex-acting CBI chief held guilty of contempt, sentenced till rising of court

India: Chief justice gogoi said that in his last 20 years as a judge he had not compromised on the dignity and honour of the..


Asaram Bapu found guilty in rape case

India: The verdict was delivered by judge madhusudhan sharma in a makeshift court at the jodhpur central jail.


'Tortured' Indonesian maid's Hong Kong employer found guilty

Hong Kong: Erwiana sulistyaningsih's case sparked international outrage, highlighted the plight of migrant domestic workers.


Church of Scientology found guilty of fraud

France: French court hands down heavy fines for taking advantage of vulnerable people.


Late-term abortionist found guilty of murder

United States: Gruesome trial draws to a close.


Court finds priest guilty for ringing church bells

Poland: Even parishioners were glad to see this priest brought to book for his bell ringing antics.