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Vietnam church to acknowledge victims of discrimination

Vietnam: Bishops ask dioceses to celebrate special masses and visit oppressed in their communities.


Young Vietnamese Catholics navigate the daunting world of job interviews

Vietnam: Catholic group opens a new world of opportunities to graduates in vietnam.


Vietnam cracks down on independent book publisher

Vietnam: security agencies accused of closing bank accounts, harassing shippers and confiscating publications.


Diplomats asked to help Vietnamese political prisoners

Vietnam: The us, australia and european union are said to have undertaken to take up the cause of endangered hunger strikers.


Activists join prisoners on hunger strike in Vietnam

Vietnam: Activists back demands for an end to cruel treatment of prison inmates, including prisoners of conscience.


Vietnamese political prisoners on hunger strike

Vietnam: Catholic writer among hunger strikers protesting brutal prison treatment.


Vietnamese Catholic activist 'abducted by police'

Vietnam: Bloggers say nang tinh was arrested for joining the us-based viet tan pro-democracy group.