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Archaeologists deny claims Taj Mahal is a Hindu temple

India: Indian court asks historians for view after hindu lawyers file petition demanding to pray at muslim monument.


Madras HC dismisses PIL against temple opposite CSI church

India: The first division bench said: “all persons, be they hindus, christians or mohamedans, have a fundamental right to..


Nothing wrong in inviting Muslims to temple: Udupi Matt Chief

India: The chief hit headlines after an iftaar was held for muslim residents of the temple town in karnataka.


Will balance right to equality, religious practice, SC on Sabarimala

India: Could a temple make a discrimination between men and women when there is no (gender) discrimination in scriptures, the..


Muslim group backs Hindu women over Shani temple row

India: Religions of the world - hinduism, islam, christianity, sikhism - do not discriminate between the genders.


Court asks why Hindu temple bars women in India

India: Official catholic church reserves comments but priest says not only hinduism is male dominated.


Police question six over Bangladesh Hindu temple bombing

Bangladesh: Six people hurt in 'an attack by militants on bengali culture'.