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Mosque was built on a temple's ruins, argues Hindu body in SC

India: Though the muslim parties objected to the proceedings, the court brushed aside their opposition.


Muslim men help in Hindu girl's cremation in Varanasi

India: The incident took place in the city's harhua deeh area. the girl, soni succumbed to malaria on sunday.


Government asked to invite Pope to India

India: Kodikunnil suresh argues that allowing the first papal visit in 20 years would promote peace and tranquility.


Education policy: Church wants to be consulted

India: Bishops say proposed national education policy takes no account of the 30,000 educational institutions run by the..


Dilemma for Indian Church as idea of Hindu nationhood grows

India: Not even educated class sees threat posed by proponents of hindu nationhood to national integration.


Christian gets bail 10 years after jailed for Kandhamal murder

India: Seven christians in 2008 were jailed over the death of laxmanananda saraswati, but supporters say they were framed.


Catholic politicians strengthen pro-Hindu party in Goa

India: Members of the congress party who switched to the ruling bjp have been branded turncoats and opportunists.