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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Catholic politicians strengthen pro-Hindu party in Goa

India: Members of the congress party who switched to the ruling bjp have been branded turncoats and opportunists.


Deepening Catholic values in Indonesia through parish media

Indonesia: Jakarta archdiocese's efforts to cultivate faith among parishioners is being greatly enhanced on media platforms.


Writer traces history of Catholic finances in China

Hong Kong: Professor's book covers period of change between 1582 and communist takeover in 1949.


Catholic bishops meet Pakistan PM, donate to dam funds

Pakistan: Delegation spoke to khan about issues concerning pakistani christians and highlighted the good work undertaken by the..


Catholic musical tells life of China missionary saint

Hong Kong: The musical telling of st. joseph freinademetz's life can now be watched online.


Korean Catholics praise Trump-Kim summit

Korea: Archbishop says it provides a path for dialogue aimed at mutual understanding.


Catholic intellectuals strive to maintain unity through diversity

Indonesia: Preserving nation's secular society is a continuous process for the association of indonesian catholic intellectuals.