Indian Catholic News

Former Hong Kong Holy See official badly hurt in car crash

China: Msgr. ante jozic, who represented the pope in mainland china, faces second operation after croatia accident.


Bishop told to toe party line before celebrating Chrism Mass

China: Bishop guo xijin needs to accept state's policy on the catholic church before he is recognized.


Way of the Cross supports Hong Kong democracy activists

Hong Kong: Christians pray for nine defendants who face jail for 2014 occupy central protests.


Catholic activist jailed after Hong Kong court rejects appeal

Hong Kong: Activists fear prison time for peaceful protests is on the rise in chinese territory.


Hong Kong Catholics urged to become missionaries

Hong Kong: Chinese university of hong kong launches lecture series on the territory's missionary history.


Despite religious repression, Sino-Vatican deal is significant

China: Provisional agreement doesn't mean china's catholics are any freer, but it might have avoided greater evils.


Chinese priest suspended after joining open community

China: Recently released bishop cui accuses priest of falsely promoting unity between underground and state churches.