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Cardinal Zen: Communists destroy foundation of equality

China: I want to remember those heroes suffering in china and hong kong for respecting human dignity, freedom and democracy.


Freedom of religion in China 'worsened in 2018'

China: Independent watchdog gives country a 'reedom score' of 11/100 as persecution of uyghurs, christians, falun gong stepped..


Tribute to Hong Kong's oldest private Catholic hospital

Hong Kong: History of the 'french hospital' published in book form in english and chinese to fete 120th anniversary.


China orders web videos not to break religious rules

China: New regulations outlaw any violation of state's religious policy.


Cherishing the memory of Bishop Michael Yeung

Hong Kong: Even as his health was deteriorating, hong kong's bishop retained his humor and faith in our lord.


Chinese underground bishop skips retirement Mass

China: Veteran shantou prelate zhuang jianjian told to retire and be replaced by former illicit bishop.


The transformation of Chinese Catholicism

China: New urban networks have gained a certain strength and offer a significant but discreet contribution to the church.