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Diary reveals test of faith for detained Chinese priest

China: In the smuggled notebook, father liu reflects on the possibility of martyrdom at the hands of beijing.


First-time Chinese bishops attend Rome synod

China: Catholics question whether beijing's religious suppression of minors will be discussed at youth event.


Outside the mainland, mixed feelings over Vatican-China deal

China: Cautious welcome in macau, taiwan and hong kong for agreement on bishops but some fear repression will continue.


What's new with the Vatican-China deal?

China: For the first time ever beijing has granted a 'foreign power' the right to participate in national religious affairs.


Deal unlikely to improve religious freedom in China

China: Vatican lacks expertise in negotiating with beijing as xi jinping tightens his grip.


'Historic' Sino-Vatican deal set to be signed

China: Pope will have final say on appointment of bishops in china in agreement due to be sealed in september.


China's internet rules 'will strangle religion'

China: Wide-ranging draft measures will make it difficult for churches and individuals to publish information.