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Vietnam art display takes viewers close to Mother Mary

Vietnam: National shrine hosts an exhibition celebrating the beauty of motherly love.


Vietnam's Hue slum a citadel of broken dreams

Vietnam: Govt plans to relocate ghetto within six years but inhabitants say stingy compensation package only applies to a..


De La Salle brother fought for social justice in Vietnam

Vietnam: Hue-born brother buu set up a hostel, monastery, and blue sky group to help kids attain scholarships and attend summer..


Breaking bread: Vietnam couple whet appetites for Gospel

Vietnam: Lent a prime time for catholics to do charitable deeds and introduce catholicism to people of other faiths, says priest...


Vietnam's boat people pay tribute at 'City of Ghosts'

Vietnam: Overseas relatives fork out $40,000 on elaborate, temple-like tombs to show respect for ancestors who helped them..


Martyrs' tombs inspire Vietnamese Catholics to live faith

Vietnam: Those who died for their faith are the example for others to live by christian values.


Vietnamese Catholics share Jesus' love with the poor

Vietnam: Nuns offer fresh hope to orphans and disabled children from disadvantaged ethnic communities.