Indian Catholic News

A guiding light for Bangladesh's marginalized communities

Bangladesh: The church in the sylhet region survives due to the efforts of foreign and local holy cross missionaries.


Women will be ultimate sufferers of triple talaq law: AIMPLB

India: The bill makes the practice of pronouncement of instant triple talaq by a husband punishable with up to three years in..


Bangladesh grapples with millions of climate refugees

Bangladesh: Pm hasina tells conference that the low-lying country faces an increased risk of natural disasters.


Pilgrimage safety measures in Kashmir irk Muslim majority

India: Travel ban in indian state in response to militant attacks on hindu temple pilgrims is hurting local people, critics..


Climate change hurts poor Filipinos the most

Philippines: Rising sea levels, drought are badly hitting those whose survival relies on the fruits of nature.


Diversifying crops will mitigate climate impact in India

United States: Temperatures and rainfall amounts in india vary from year-to-year and influence the amount of crops that farmers can..


Ecological harm from Hindu glacier pilgrimage

India: Critics argue that the event has lost much of its genuinely religious nature as it has been marred by fakery and..