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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Political crisis threatens Timor-Leste's future

Timor-Leste: Six months of stasis in parliament is beginning to inflict further economic damage on the impoverished nation.


Forgiveness will bring peace: Father Uzhunnalil

India: Father uzhunnalil said terrorists are created by community and if the communities can be forgiving, there will be..


Rohingya crisis: Red Cross faced with 'real challenge'

India: Human rights monitors accused myanmar's military of atrocities against the minority.


Lack of toilets, water pumps complicating Rohingya crisis

Bangladesh: According to the un, the number of rohingya refugees who have fled the armed conflict in myanmar to bangladesh since aug..


UN report discredits Myanmar account of Rohingya crisis

Myanmar: Investigators interviews with refugees point to a 'well-organized strategy' to drive rohingya from their rakhine homes.


Father Uzhunnalil given a rousing welcome in Kerala

India: Kerala priest father thomas uzhunnalil was released earlier this month by his captors after more than 18 months.


Father Uzhunnalil arrives in Kerala, stresses mission

India: Appearing fragile and fatigued, father thomas uzhunnalil was grateful of the support he has received.