Indian Catholic News

Latin bishops start office for ecology

India: The newly established commission aims to “embark on a new path to care and protect the environment."


India’s Latin-rite bishops elect new office bearers

India: 143 latin-rite bishops from 132 latin-rite dioceses are participating in the plenary meeting, january 7-14.


Church must attend to human needs: Nuncio

India: The week-long meeting is scheduled to discuss "the joy of the gospel.”


Is the church getting lost in India's smart cities?

India: Leadership has several hard questions to answer to ensure church retains its relevance.


Abused Indian women must say 'Me too'

India: Catholic women who have been preyed on by clergy must find the courage to speak out.


Action needed from Pope Francis, not pious words

India: Pontiff's letter on sexual abuse is welcome but victims deserve stern measures to stop this evil.


Act on clergy abuse cases or face a Tsunami

India: Threat of backlash maintains the silence around the issue of sex abuse.