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Indonesian Muslim cleric under fire for 'insulting' Cross

Indonesia: Christian's cry blasphemy after ustadz abdul somad calls crucifix an 'element of the devil'.


Indonesian students seek govt OK to fight extremism

Indonesia: Interfaith group wants jakarta to lift rules restricting moderate student bodies on 'radical infested' campuses.


End to long-running church row in sight, Indonesian mayor says

Indonesia: Dispute over closure of yasmin indonesian christian church in bogor 'will be resolved this year'.


Indonesian Christians cry foul after church permit pulled

Indonesia: Protestant group says building permit legal, accuses local authorities of caving in to pressure from muslims.


Indonesian lawmakers back pardon for woman in sex-pest case

Indonesia: Baiq nuril maknun had been convicted of recording sexual harrassment from her boss.


A Christian woman’s journey into Sumatra’s jungle

Indonesia: Mother takes education to the kubu people and teaches them to stand up for their rights.


Indonesian rights groups seek release of mosque invader

Indonesia: Woman who caused scene with dog in place of worship should not face charges because she is mentally ill, they say.