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    Manila: Death in the dark (Part I)

    This is the first of a two-part gallery on the war on drugs..

Philippine church official lauds move to strike jail terms for minor crimes

Philippines: Proposal to reduce overcrowding will also give offenders chance to reintegrate themselves into society, he says.


Minorities languish in Indian jails

India: And they are more likely to face the death penalty, according to a new report that analyzes official government..


Jharkhand priest to appeal conviction over rape

India: Jesuit father alphonse aind and five others have been sentenced to life imprisonment.


Supreme Court ordered bail of Christian convicted of swami murder

India: Six others 'framed' over guru's death need to also be released, christians leaders say.


Vigil supports jailed Hong Kong democracy activists

Hong Kong: Four of nine defendants sent to prison for 2014 occupy central mass protest.


Catholic activist jailed after Hong Kong court rejects appeal

Hong Kong: Activists fear prison time for peaceful protests is on the rise in chinese territory.


Would you send children to jail?

Philippines: Philippine senate is set to vote on lowering the age of criminal responsibility from 15 to 12 years.