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Indonesian bishop on crusade for greater inclusivity

Indonesia: Newly installed prelate in purwokerto on java says it's time for church to stop alienating social groups and show..


Jakarta archbishop calls on Catholics not to waste food

Indonesia: Indonesians called upon to share with those in most need to mark world food day.


Catholic teacher tackles illiteracy in Indonesia

Indonesia: Book donation campaign seeks to ensure remote schools lacking reading material do not go without.


Indonesian archbishop calls for election guideline

Indonesia: Catholics need help avoiding making wrong choices at next year's polls, head of laity commission says.


Indonesia gets new Isamic anti-terror agency

Indonesia: Muslim youth to be warned about dangers of hoaxes and fake news to promote extremism.


Sumatra churches forced to close

Indonesia: Indonesian authorities direct churches to merge or relocate following alleged pressure from muslim majority.


Return of fugitive Indonesian cleric backed by hardliners

Indonesia: Supporters say the muslim hardliner accused of fomenting religious strife should be allowed to return from saudi arabia...