Indonesian church leaders aim to ease economic problems

Indonesia: Poverty in predominantly christian province of east nusa tenggara is seen as main cause of human trafficking.


Priest forges close ties with Indonesian leader

Indonesia: Father antonius benny susetyo advises group promoting communal tolerance and understanding.


A young Catholic's quest to help poor out of poverty

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Jailed ex-Jakarta governor files for divorce from wife

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Indonesia court commutes death penalty for ex-priest

Indonesia: But herman masan will serve life term for the death of his ex-nun lover and their two infant children.


Papuans want justice, not infrastructure

Indonesia: Separatists renew independence call, accuse widodo of tightening indonesian control over papua with development..


Liberating youngsters from toxic religious fanaticism

Indonesia: Almost one in four students supports jihad to establish an indonesian caliphate, survey shows.