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Outrage at Naqvi's comments over 'fake' lynchings

India: Christian and muslim leaders say his comment flies in face of the evidence.


Honour killing: Brother kills woman, husband in Jharkhand

India: Investigation revealed that raj kumar and aneeta had eloped and got married, and aneeta's brother shyam oraon was very..


4 lynched in Jharkhand for 'practicing' witchcraft

India: More than 1,000 people have been killed on the suspicion of practicing witchcraft in in jharkhand in the past two..


Church land probe sparks anger in Jharkhand

India: Christians in jharkhand say they are being targeted for protests against proposed changes to laws protecting tribal..


Mother and daughter accused of sorcery murdered in India's east

India: Authorities seek community support to stem modern witch hunts.


Mob lynchings spread to India's tribal heartland

India: Fears grow over religion-based hatred in jharkhand as muslim man dies after being tied to a tree and beaten.


Catholic priest, five others get life in prison for Jharkhand rape

India: A probe is going on against two nuns of an ngo in the case.