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Challenging time for Nepal NGOs

Nepal: They face govt heavy-handedness as well as a need for internal good governance and capacity reforms.


How faith-based actors can help heal Nepal

Nepal: Most people in secular nation subscribe to some form of religion but harmful traditional practices should be cast aside...


Nepal's Christians need new laws as cults wreak havoc

Nepal: Toxic influence of 'end of the world' religious sects is increasingly making christianity a target for 'patriotic'..


Rebuilding schools in quake-hit Nepal an uphill struggle

Nepal: Nearly half of schools rebuilt 4 years after temblor struck; catholic charity has paid for 20 but needs more funds.


29 killed, over 600 injured in Nepal storm

Nepal: The storm accompanied by hail and heavy rain struck the two districts on sunday night.


Nepal, India to review bilateral ties after delay

Nepal: The fifth meeting of the joint commission at foreign ministers' level was proposed for february, did not take place.


Girls most at risk as Nepal's crime rate spikes

Nepal: Govt mulls more child-friendly policies as statistics show five girls raped or molested every day.